The Breadbasket Paradox in Southwestern Uganda

Over 80% of Ugandans are involved in agriculture.

My first couple of weeks in Uganda have provided ample food for thought. I’m living in the town-centre (and district) of Kabale, which is located in the southwestern part of the country that borders with Rwanda to the south. It’s a long way from the capital city – nearly nine …

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A,B,C,D,E is for Ecological Education in Guatemala

School children at Tuixoquel, Comitancillo.

Promoting ‘education’ is just one of the many banners that government and development organizations love to wave as solutions to complex issues that cause poverty and disease. Build a school, fund curriculum development, pay teacher’s salaries. And so forth. Unfortunately, applying the broad stroke of ‘education’ can also cause more …

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Shoots & Sprouts (A Revolution in My Salad Bowl)

Radish shoots contain 18% Vitamin C

My relationship with salad will never be the same. That’s my favourite one-liner for the early morning market goers at the Edmonton Strathcona Farmer’s Market every Saturday. Popping up from behind the Sunrise Gardens stall, I unabashedly share my ‘born-again-sprouts’ story with a steady stream of people whose eyes are …

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Ode to Cuba – Day of the International Peasant Farmer

Myself and Fernando Funes, Cuban agroecologist.

Es un sueño estar aquí – it’s a dream to be here,” I told my new friends who had come to pick me up at the airport in Varadero, the skin around my eyes dark and sunken, yet my eyes bright, alert, ready to drink in everything Cuba. It wasn’t …

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Painting the Roses Red – Global Flower Industry


“Oh, we’re painting the roses red and many a tear we shed because we know they’ll cease to grow, in fact – they’ll soon be dead! And yet we go ahead, painting the roses red!” *Disclaimer: This is a belated Valentine’s Day and premature Mother’s Day rant at the Hallmarks …

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A Curious Look At Dumpster-Diving in Edmonton

trash transformed into tools for change

The parking lot was locked in snow and virtually empty save for a few vehicles ensnared in frost, probably belonging to the store employees closing up shop for the evening. The façade of the organic grocery store was pleasing as always: painted in fresh cut grass green and deep golden …

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