Resolutions for Small Change

A woman farmer can nourish her community with a single hand-hoe. She’s using the tool that’s often perceived as the least innovative and the most inefficient. But the hoe belongs to her – it’s the only tool available for use, and so she believes in what she has to grow food for a living. She doesn’t have any allusion of farming by tractor, or combine.


Small changes are beautiful.

She believes in what she has, no matter how small it appears to the external eye, and she’s working for small changes that she believes are achievable in her lifetime. She makes me wonder…

What is celebrating the ‘New Year’ all about? Is it about longing for what we don’t have – a material object, or a physical-emotional-mental state of being? Does it focus on the deficit of our own lives, on our negative selves? Is it inspired by a critical examination of how we are lacking? Does it force us to set goals, and make public our desires for self-improvement – setting intentions for reaching our better, happier, richer, more enlightened selves? Is all the New Year’s hoopla actually a deeper reflection that says: who we are and what we have isn’t enough?

Only a few weeks ago, a friend asked me a simple question: “If you don’t believe in the little that you already have – how will you ever believe in all that you gain?”

I want to let his question guide me forward into 2014 – is it big achievements I’m chasing into the New Year, or small changes that are already in progress because of who I am, and what I’m made up of, and what “resources” I realized I had, all along?

Is human development about fulfilling a need, or want – or realizing that we already have everything that we really need to achieve our dreams, and live a good, happy life?


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