Wanted: Voices from Canadian Women in Agriculture

Painting by Manly MacDonald in 1918.

Painting by Manly MacDonald in 1918.

With only four weeks scheduled for my research with women in agriculture before I head back to East Africa, I’m trying to gain as much insight as I can from Canadian women about their experiences growing and distributing food.

I’m hoping to connect, not only in person — but through Skype, email and social media — with women who are involved in growing food in Canada, though you don’t need to identify as a farmer. I’m interested in perspectives and stories from women who garden and grow in their own backyards, or practice/teach permaculture, or any form of sustainable agriculture. Women who can and preserve, women who are food justice advocates, food lovers, and just generally, women who care about food production and distribution.

If you’d be interested in sharing more about your experience as a Canadian woman involved in food and agriculture, please take a look at a few of the questions below and answer in the Contact Form according to your own story:

How are you involved in growing, or distributing food? How did you get started?

Do you call yourself a ‘farmer’? If not, how would you describe yourself?

What are some of the challenges of being a woman involved in agriculture in Canada?

How are you overcoming these challenges?

Are there any advantages of being a woman in agriculture? If so, how?

Why do you ‘farm’ or ‘garden’ or grow food? Or, why are you involved in any aspect of food and agriculture?

Thank-you kindly for sharing your story!


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